While the initial phase of Sick City was Epoch Genesis and music promotion, part of my vision for the platform was to eventually offer a space where people could come in and directly support artists. As I’m (obviously) not a web developer, this is going to serve as the first draft of The Sick City Record Shop. Unlike NFTs, most of the music here will be Fungible Tokens and are given the ability to mint indefinitely. We do this so the artist receives direct and immediate support upon minting and there is no limit to what they can get back for their hard work!

Artist: Memellionaires

Description: This sale is for a limited (100) NFT collection featuring the song Hosky Ride by Memellionaires. There are a few different versions of the song to be found in this collection… oh and you can only buy it with HOSKY!


Price: 1 Billion HOSKY (+2 ADA for Travel)

Artist: DSQISE

Description: Smooth Sh*t is a 2 song collection by DSQISE and featuring JU$E. This is a fungible token that can be minted from the link below!

Mint: https://buynfts.exchange/faucets/ssdsqise/

Price: 10 ADA

The LR Mixtape

Description: 13 Tracks from artist all over the world representing Cardano.

Limited to 500.

Mint: https://buynfts.exchange/sales/lr/

Price: (36 ADA)

Artist: The Grinning Ghosts

Album: Yolk EP

Tracks: 5

Price: 10 ADA

Mint: https://buynfts.exchange/faucets/yolk/

Artist: Musikavi

Song: The Anthem (Cardano Stonerz Club)

Description: This is a limited time NFT collection featuring the song “The Anthem” by Musikavi. Limited to 55 NFTs

Mint: https://buynfts.exchange/sales/theanthem/ (15 ADA)

Artist: Krime Fyter

Album Title: Only Built for C-Block

Price: 40 ADA (whitelist info linked at the bottom (while supplies last))

Info: This mint is for 1 NFT containing the EP: Only Built for C-Block. Each album cover is different and features some faces that you might just recognize from the Cardano Community. This is Krime Fyter’s first major release on chain, you do not want to miss it!

Mint Now: https://buynfts.exchange/sales/krimefyter/default.asp

Whitelist Announcement: https://discord.com/channels/917647404050837534/917647404050837539/1008046036507430962

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