Welcome to Sick City

Sick City is an organic music promotion platform that distributes new music to it’s users every epoch for next to nothing! The purpose of Sick City is to recognize and platform artists in the community by distributing their music to listeners all over the world and to provide a new way for listeners to collect and enjoy music!

We recently partnered with NEWM and NMKR to bring The Record Store, Cardano’s very first Music Exclusive NFT Collectible Marketplace!
You can check it out at https://recordstore.newm.io

If you’re coming here from DripDropz, welcome!

Please take time to read the white paper and hop into the discord and say hi!

If you’re here for the music token, Click the “Epoch Genesis Mint”. Keep in mind that a new token with new music is created every epoch (5 days) so check back often!

If you missed an epoch and want to go back and mint that token, click the “Catalog” link to get a list of all artists and links to their mint. (note that the price to mint older Epoch Genesis Tokens might be a little higher, this extra ADA goes to the artists)

If you’re here to pick up some SICK Utility Tokens, swing over to the “Token Faucet” below.

SICK Token PolicyID: ad1c1ed3a0bb6f83630ef052a31b71ba3287bf4bafa8370758f14d31